The East End Photographers Group (EEPG) is the longest exhibiting arts organization at Ashawagh Hall with the exception of the Springs Improvement Society, who hosts their member’s show and the Annual Invitational art exhibit. The EEPG is an incorporated non-profit organization whose mission is to promote photography and the visual arts and do it in a community setting. It encourages photographic artists to exhibit new work at each show and gives support and a forum to new artists who are just beginning to exhibit their work, realize their personal vision and embrace the photographic process–which the EEPG believes is the most important aspect of attempting to create photographic art.

Liz Glasgow and other local Springs photographers organized the EEPG in 1988 and generally met at Tim Lee’s Springs photo studio to discuss photography, show work and have some fun. Up until that point there were no formal photography groups on the east end, other than informal meetings at photographers’ homes. The group’s first exhibition at Ashawagh Hall was the weekend of April 13, 1990, which created the tradition of an annual spring photography exhibition at the hall. The group went through many changes, adding members from surrounding towns and the North fork and began conducting meetings at Guild Hall. In the 1990’s some EEPG members, primarily from Southampton, broke off and formed the Photographers East organization. It should be noted that photographers from both groups have, at one time or another, been members of both organizations.

As a group, EEPG has exhibited on both the North and South Forks of Long Island as well as New York City.
The town of East Hampton, New York is our home base.


Contact Us:  info@eastendphotogroup.org